Republican Party of Lancaster County
After a spirited Republican endorsement process and convention, the members of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County – who are elected by their neighbors in their local communities – voted in an open and fair process to endorse Ryan Aument as the better choice for State Senator.



AllLancaster County’s Legislative Leaders
Ryan is endorsed by State Representatives Dave Hickernell, Mindy Fee, Steve Mentzer, Keith Greiner and Bryan Cutler. They say about Ryan, “We’ve worked closely with both candidates for State Senate, and we’re supporting Ryan Aument.  Ryan is a true conservative who has put people first to do what’s right. Ryan refuses the perks and per diems, cut government spending and reformed welfare to protect taxpayers, and opposed Obama’s common core standards.  That’s the kind of leadership we need in our next Senator.”  Ryan is also endorsed by Noah Wenger, former State Senator for the 36th District and Lloyd Smucker, current Senator in the 13th District.






State Representative Dave Hickernell (98th District)

“In the Primary Election, I’m voting Ryan Aument for State Senator and urge you to do the same.  Ryan is simply the best choice for our families and our conservative values.  In Harrisburg, he has refused the perks and per diems, opposed Obama’s common core standards for our schools, and cut spending and reformed welfare to protect our tax dollars.  Ryan is a leader and Lancaster County needs him in the State Senate.”












State Representative Mindy Fee, 37th District

“As a lifelong resident of our community, I know Ryan Aument is the best choice for State Senator.  He has cut spending, reformed welfare, stood up to the Obama common core standards, and refuses the perks and per diems in Harrisburg.  He’ll always fight for our conservative values and our families.  I’m voting Ryan Aument for State Senator and hope you will join me.”












State Representative Keith Greiner, 43rd District

“Ryan Aument is a pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-2nd Amendment conservative who has cut spending, reformed welfare and refused the perks and per diems in Harrisburg.  His record of leadership on important issues makes him the best choice for State Senator.”













State Representative Bryan Cutler, 100th District

“Ryan Aument helped me defeat an entrenched Harrisburg insider and then brought real reform to state government as a State Representative himself.  He will be another strong voice for reform for Lancaster County in the State Senate.”













State Senator Lloyd Smucker, 13th District

“I know that Ryan will bring to the State Senate a commitment to doing what’s right for everyone in Lancaster County and work for the initiatives we know will help create jobs, protect taxpayers and prepare our children for the future. I look forward to working with him.”









Former State Senator Noah Wenger, 36th District

“Ryan Aument has the leadership skills and conservative values to represent our community.  As the former State Senator for the 36th District, I know he is the best choice to do the job.”