Making Jobs and Economic Growth a Top Priority


Ryan Aument believes whether it’s a single entrepreneur working in the high-tech field, a craftsman launching out on his or her own,  or a large business looking to expand that government needs to help them succeed rather than make their path to success harder.  That’s why, as Representative, he has always supported a private sector, free market approach to improving our economy.  Ryan he knows government doesn’t create economic growth and new jobs, people do.

The Aument Record…


Reduced Pennsylvania’s onerous business taxes to make sure job creators have more money to invest in growing their business instead of feeding a bloated government.


– Supported important tort reforms that make Pennsylvania more competitive in the national and international competition to keep current – and attract new – employers.


-Provided limited, smart and targeted tax credits to stable high-tech industries that are the future of our economy and manufacturing.  No picking winners and losers, just supporting those who have proven they can create jobs for our families.


– Fostered growth in Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry and the new jobs it has brought to our state by passing a reasonable and fair impact fee that also makes sure money goes to local communities instead of Harrisburg.


– Revamping the Regulatory Climate to ensure that business face fair and predictable regulations that still protect Pennsylvania’s people and environment.