A Better Education System


Ryan Aument believes that education should be about results, not about how it’s always been done.  That’s why he supports not only traditional public education, but also school choice, charter schools, trade schools and other educational innovations.  Just as important, he’s led the fight against the liberal teachers’ union to make our education system better.


The Aument Record…


– Authored Pennsylvania’s new Teacher Effectiveness Law and won the fight against the liberal teachers’ union to pass it.  This law will help ensure our teachers are better educating our children.


– Continuing to fight the teachers’ union to pass needed reforms to the teacher tenure and teacher furlough systems that will make sure the best teachers are the ones who remain in our classrooms.


– Authored the law that established Pennsylvania’s first School Performance Profiles that let the public see a scorecard on their school’s academic performance.


– Fighting for School Choice and to expand choices for on-line education opportunities because parents know what is best for their children and should have the opportunity to provide it.


– Supporting Charter Schools and trade schools because sometimes “traditional” education isn’t the best route for every child.


– Voted for an improved EITC program that lets the private sector help provide educational choice for families and students.