Working for Property Tax Relief


Ryan believes that homeowners shouldn’t be the only people responsible for paying for our schools.  He also knows we can make schools cost less – while still being effective for our children.


The Aument Record…


– Eliminating Property Taxes Once and For All
Ryan has always supported property tax elimination that would shift the burden of funding schools to a more fair system for everyone.  In the Senate, where this initiative has stalled, he will work to pass it.


– Giving Local Taxpayers a Stronger Voice
Ryan supported a new law that gives taxpayers a stronger voice in controlling property tax increases by forcing school boards to put property tax increases on the ballot for approval in more instances than ever before.


– Use Gaming Money as Promised
Ryan voted for bipartisan legislation in the state House that would require 100% of table games money to be used for property tax relief across the state.  Unfortunately, the state Senate refused to act on it.  As our State Senator, Ryan will.


– Working to Reduce Costs for School Districts and Local Government
Ryan supports property tax relief legislation that would allow school districts to opt-out of costly prevailing wage requirements on publicly-funded construction projects; prevailing wage can add up to 30% in costs for taxpayers.


– A Pension System That’s Fair to Workers and Taxpayers
Ryan supports changing all new public employee pensions — as well as all legislators’ pensions — to a defined contribution, 401k-style plan like those in the private sector receive.  This legislation will protect the pensions of current employees while reducing short- and long-term costs for governments at every level.


– Pushing for Mandate Relief
Ryan will continue to push for mandate relief that will reduce the burden placed on local governments and school districts to pay for things for which they receive no state funding; this will reduce unfair costs for taxpayers.