Leading by Example to Reform Harrisburg


Unlike some legislators who claim to be conservative reformers but took the perks and per diems before public outcry, Ryan has always fought for real reform to ensure open and transparent government – and to save us money.

The Aument Record…

– Saying “No” to Costly Perks Just like he promised, Ryan refused a taxpayer-paid car, mileage and per diems just for driving back and forth to work in Harrisburg.  He refuses the taxpayer-paid cell phone too.  And since his first day in office, he has posted his legislative expenses on-line for public review.

– Making Legislators Pay More Ryan fulfilled his pledge to pay for a portion of his own healthcare and even supported a new initiative that is forcing all state Representative to pay for a portion of their healthcare costs like those in the private sector must do.

– More Transparent Government Ryan supported a new law that creates an on-line database of all state spending called PennWATCH that will let taxpayers see exactly where and how their money is spent.