Ryan Aument’s Blueprint for a Stronger Pennsylvania


At the beginning of my campaign for State Senator, I promised that I would not “play it safe.” I promised that I would put forth ideas to address the challenges that face our state and its citizens. This document is a fulfillment of that promise, as well as a plan of action for how to make Pennsylvania stronger for today and the future.


Some will agree with the ideas I put forth in this “Blueprint for a Stronger Pennsylvania.” Some will not. But I believe that active leadership requires looking ahead, presenting ideas to meet the future, and then working with others to make those ideas better and turn them into reality. This has been the basis of how I have worked as a State Representative. It will be the basis of how I will work as State Senator as well.


Please know that this blueprint in no way presents every opportunity we have to make a positive change for the future. Instead it is an overview of the type of initiatives I will lead on in the Pennsylvania Senate. Further, while categorized for presentation in this blueprint, many of these ideas will make a positive impact across several categories.


I hope that you will take the time to read through my “Blueprint for a Stronger Pennsylvania” and offer me not only feedback on what is presented, but any ideas you may have as well.


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