Proven Leadership for the State Senate


Throughout his professional and personal life, Ryan Aument has shown a commitment to service and an ability to lead – be it to for our country, our citizens or our local community.  Whether as our State Representative or as a county or local elected official, he has led on issues that make a positive difference for the people of Lancaster County and Pennsylvania. In the Senate, he will bring this same strong leadership to government to do even more for all of us.


A lifelong resident of Lancaster County, Ryan grew up on a dairy farm, graduated from Solanco High School and then earned a B.S. in Education from the prestigious Military College of South Carolina – The Citadel. Upon graduation, Ryan chose to serve his country and was commissioned into the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant.


In March of 2003, Aument deployed to the front lines in Iraq, serving as second-in-command of an infantry company of 150 soldiers, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was later elevated to command of his unit and earned a Bronze Star for his meritorious service and actions against enemy forces.


Upon leaving the military, Aument returned home to begin working as a Production Supervisor in the private sector. In that role, he led a team of 30 people and was responsible for maintaining a strict budget, increasing efficiency in operations and continuing process improvement program. Aument’s skills in the business world – especially in increasing efficiency and holding the line on spending – have benefited every taxpayer in Pennsylvania as he has helped bring fiscal discipline to state government.


At the same time, Aument decided to stand on the front lines once again: this time as a candidate for local Borough Council, committed to making his community a better place. Aument quickly proved his strength as a leader by fighting against property tax increases while still providing the vital services residents needed.


In 2005, with his continuing desire to serve the public and driven by the legislative pay raise scandal, Aument volunteered as Campaign Manager for Bryan Cutler’s campaign for State Representative in the 100th House District. Together, Cutler and Aument won a primary victory over an incumbent Representative and went on to win the General Election.


For the following year, Aument served as State Representative Bryan Cutler’s Chief of Staff. It was in this role – fighting side-by-side with Representative Cutler to reform Harrisburg and protect taxpayers – where Aument saw how badly Harrisburg needed to change the way it does business.


Encouraged by his friends, families, neighbors and citizens throughout Lancaster County, Aument once again stepped forward to serve his community, this time by running for – and winning – the office of Clerk of Courts of Lancaster County. And, once again, he proved his ability to make government work better for taxpayers. As Clerk of Courts, Aument increased efficiency so that his office provided revenue to the County, rather than costing taxpayers money. He also worked to make government more open and transparent by posting his own office’s budget on-line, along with other government documents.


In 2010, with the retirement of Representative Katie True, Aument decided to run for State Representative and won.


Since his election as State Representative, Aument has continued to lead on important issues, rather than just go along to get along in Harrisburg.


In just his first term, Aument stayed true to his fiscally conservative beliefs and helped Pennsylvania close a multi-billion dollar budget gap by focusing on priorities and cutting waste. Thanks to his work – and the work of his colleagues – Pennsylvania closed a $4 billion budget deficit and cut spending by $1 Billion. Aument has also supported vital reforms to how Pennsylvania borrows money; these reforms will help reduce our debt by billions of dollars in the coming years.


Focused on the future we leave our children, Aument has also been a leader in the effort to reform our education system.  He stood up to the powerful and liberal state teachers’ union to pass a new Teacher Effectiveness Law and continues to work for tenure reform, furlough reform and more.


Deeply committed to making his community better, Aument’s service reaches well beyond being a public official. He gives his time and effort to groups and organizations as varied as the Lancaster County Action Program Advisory Board, the Military Officer’s Association, The Mix at Arbor Place Fundraising Committee, and more.


Aument has even answered the call of leadership and public service across the globe. In the summer of 2009, he volunteered to travel to the Central African Republic with International Center for the Development of Ethical Leadership — a Central African non-profit committed to training government officials, business leaders, and community leaders in ethical leadership. While there, he met with the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, the Rector of the University of Bangui, and conducted training with government officials and community leaders on such topics as ethics in government and labor.


Married since June of 2008 to the former Kate Smith, a former teacher at the Milton Hershey School, Aument is also active as a Youth Ministry Team Leader at Grace Church at Willow Valley.  Together, they are raising their young son, Jack and daughter, June.


As a lifelong resident of our community, proven public servant, community volunteer, husband and taxpayer, Aument truly understands the concerns of our families and seniors – concerns over a government that has grown too big and costly, over making ends meet at home, and over providing a bright future for our children. It is this understanding of our concerns – mixed with a proven ability to lead on tough issues – that make him the best choice to serve our families as State Senator.